“When choosing a preschool for my first child I wanted a play-based learning preschool, which I found at Neighborhood Preschool.  I feel that children learn the best while playing and socializing with their peers. Thanks to Neighborhood Preschool, my two oldest children were well prepared emotionally, socially, and intellectually for kindergarten, and I am sure our youngest will be too (she is currently enrolled in the 3K class).  The excellent teaching staff at Neighborhood Preschool are caring and nurturing, and everyday my children were (and one still is) excited to attend school. I would highly recommend Neighborhood Preschool to anyone looking for the best preschool for their child(ren).”


~Tracy, mother of 3~


“The love and the knowledge that the teachers at Neighborhood Preschool share with their students is absolutely amazing!  My son has grown so much since starting in September. Not only has his academic knowledge increased, but his social and emotional development as well.  He has also been supported tremendously after being diagnosed with a speech delay. Their play-based philosophy creates the perfect learning environment for preschoolers.  I can’t recommend this school enough to all of my family and friends!!”


~Justine, mother of 3~